New Dealings

Since my last update I’ve gotten sidetracked from my carnival project with several other smaller things. First and foremost, I just finished my volunteer program with SIGGRAPH. For those unfamiliar to what SIGGRAPH is, its a computer animation and game conference held every year to talk about the advancements in computer graphics in related industries. It has your usual montage of conference like things including white paper talks, an expo floor where key software companies like Autodesk and Pixar show off their technology and courses on how to make the most of upcoming technology in your computer related field. From the student volunteer program it was a blast. Mots of the students there are incredibly talented and driven and it was a breath of fresh air to get to be around so much technology and so many talented people.

So now I’m working on something else. I decided to do to my poolhall scene what I did with my lighthouse and created every last asset I ever wanted to make for a better scene. Here are some rough screenshots below.

So far all the modeling and lighting are in acceptable shape. Next up: material and texture work. More screenshots to follow.

Until Next time.


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