Borderlands Tutorials Now Available

I have to hand it to the Gearbox community in putting their efforts together in making the Borderlands Level Editor available for those who wish to build their own content to Gearbox’s hit title.    As a game modder, its always kept me hooked on a game when I can build my own content for it, but I digress.  The point is if your savvy enough to follow some obscure obstructions and install a custom map to access user content, you too can join the ranks of the Borderlands modding community.

Because modding means so much to me (its more or less the reason I do what I do now), I felt it important to help out the  mod community by producing some video tutorials outling the basics of putting together a functioning level.  For now, I’ve put together the first chapter in what I hope to be a complete borderlands editing guide. This first chapter covers the basics of getting a level up and running, including:

  • Adding a Catch-A-Ride station
  • Creating the player respawn tunnel FX
  • Creating Auto-save and Fast travel way points
  • Making a level transition

Over the next several days, I’ll be rolling out new chapters that deal with a broader range of topics. In the meantime though, Ive setup a tutorials page where these will all live. You can find these under Without further adu, enjoy the Borderlands Tutorials.

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