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Back in 2004, I came up with an idea to use a game engine to do a small film project. Using what I knew of game engines t the time,  I created a small linear experience composed of billboarded sprites from a sketchbook.  After showing off to a few of my professors what I had done, I spent my senior year of college neglecting my studies as a graphic designer to flesh out the project from linear film to indie game.

The premise of Foreverhood is abstract. You are one of the Nuu, a childhood race of creatures that spend their time daydreaming on a small planet of woods and mountains. The player awakes one day to find themselves under an overcast sky with everyone distraught over the change that is in the air. You navigate the space under the watch of the Sequas or parents of the world to uncover what is beyond the clouds and what lies in store for the world of your kind.

I worked on this project for a number of years before putting it on hold to pursue other interests.  As the only official team member and both programmer and artist, the amount of work i got myself into was well beyond what I could handle in a sensible time frame. Below is a gameplay video of what was ultimately made.

The official release is version 1.1 and can be downloaded Here.