Concrete Refinery

Concrete Refinery

This was a 10 month-long project in which I used as a learning tool for a number of refinements to my workflow. Its designed to have the major set pieces be comprised out of modular assets, allowing the scene to be constructed much more effectively. This piece also marked my first successful assets made in 3D Studio Max, my first High-Poly models and a major refinement on how I texture assets. The scene is made up of about 100 assets ranging from towers to pipe variations.

Breakdown Shots

Many of these props share texture sheets, so if the resolution isn’t listed they are part of a 1024 x 1024 texture.

Construction Shots

This is a very geometry heavy scene. The background trees are speed trees which adds a considerable amount to the geometry count of the scene. I built it with the intent to make it a death-match level, however the heightened elevation made outer level viability an issue. It was then re-purposed to make a good looking portfolio piece.