Borderlands Level Editing Tutorials

These are a series of tutorials I wrote on how you can build your own custom maps for borderlands.  These tutorials assume that you have some basic knowledge of working with the Unreal Level editor including editor navigation, Use of the builder brush and basic knowledge of kismet. If you are a true beginner to using the Unreal 3 engine, I recommend the video tutorials created by the folks over at Buzz 3d the located over on the UDK. I recommend watching the videos on the User Interface, Geometry Mode, Kismetand Simple Level to bring yourself up to speed on using the Unreal editor.

You can get the Dr. Zed patch file (version 5.4) which “unlocks” the level editor here.

Setup instructions are available in this thread.

Chapter 1: The Base Systems

In this first round of videos, we examine the systems needed to create the basics of map. By discussing the fundamental systems of the  Borderlands level editor, we build a base for fans and hobbies alike to create their own custom maps.

Lesson # 1:  Creating a Spawn point in a new map and testing it in game.

Lesson # 2: Adding Fast Travel and Auto-Save points

Lesson # 3: Creating a death volume and respawn sequence

Lesson # 4: Creating the Respawn Tunnel FX Sequence

Lesson # 5: Adding a Catch-A-Ride station

Lesson # 6: Map Transitions

Lesson # 7:  Vending machines and treasure items

Lesson # 8: Creating a monster den

Lesson # 9: Understanding and setting up Path Nodes